Research & Scholarship

Recent Faculty Publications, Presentations and Honors

The Sage Colleges faculty members conduct research, write books and peer-reviewed articles for leading journals, participate in juried art exhibitions and hold leadership roles in professional organizations. Here are some highlights from 2018.

Honors Enrollment has Tripled-Students and Faculty Share Why at National Conference

Nine Students and Two Faculty Members Share Honors Success and Present Original Research at National Collegiate Honors Council Conference

Literature Professor Makes Wikipedia Required Writing

“Let’s be honest. We all use Wikipedia,” said Shealeen Meaney, Ph.D., associate professor of English & Modern Languages. “Even those of us who tell students repeatedly that ‘Wikipedia is not an appropriate source for your paper’ will usually admit that it makes a good starting place when a topic is new. Since we all use it, we all have responsibility for making it better.”

Sage Professor and Students Receive EPA Grant

Students Presented Water-Purifying Catalyst at National Sustainable Design Expo

Beyoncé, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj: Performing Black Feminism with David Green, Ph.D.

SPECIAL TOPICS AT SAGE:  Signature Selections from the Course Catalog. Every day at Sage, professors and students ask big questions and then read widely, write intensely and collaborate zealously as they pursue sometimes-elusive answers. This series highlights some of the classes that are inspiring MORE on campus.