•  The New Intellectual Commons
    The New Intellectual Commons
  •  Addressing Autism with Education and Advocacy
    Addressing Autism with Education and Advocacy
  •  Alumni Giving Advances Learning
    Alumni Giving Advances Learning

Message from the President: Susan Scrimshaw, Ph.D.

We are a vibrant, evolving collection of minds and hearts that values and is informed by our past, even as we eagerly seek to play pivotal roles in shaping the future. You were, are and will be crucial to our ability to achieve this ambitious goal. Your Sage says thank you.

The New Intellectual Commons

Libraries on both campuses received alumnae bequests leading to extensive renovations and new ideas about how libraries can match evolving research needs.

Addressing Autism with Education & Advocacy

Sage experts from diverse fields address the needs of people affected by autism.

Alumni Giving Advances Learning

Donors gave more than $12 million in fiscal year 2013. The fruit of this generosity is evident in students who attend Sage thanks to donor-supported financial aid, new spaces for learning and novel approaches to teaching.